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Smashwords authors will be offering their ebooks at drastically reduced prices from March 2-8. If you’re not familiar with Smashwords, it’s a publishing site that allows authors to offer versions of their ebooks in the most needed formats (for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple products, Sony, etc.),

My entire catalog of novels will be on sale. All will be 50% off their normal price of $3.99—that’s $2.00— except my latest book, The House With the Wraparound Porch which will be 75% off it’s list price of $5.99, or $1.50!

All of my books can be accessed from my profile page at Smashwords here. You can browse the entire catalog of books in the Read an Ebook Week sale here.

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Last chance for free Lost Love Letters

lostlovelettersstackDo yourself a favor. Read this letter to David by Consuelo Saah-Baehr, a riveting taste of the new Indie Chicks anthology, Lost Love Letters. Free today!

Lost Love Letters: FREE, Feb. 2&3

lostlovelettersstackIndie Chicks latest anthology, Lost Love Letters, will be FREE for Kindle downloads on Feb. 2 & 3, 2014.  Get your copy NOW!

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can read the first letter on the Indie Chicks Cafe website: Letter to My First Love by Georgina Young-Ellis.



lostlovelettersstackIndie Chicks, a worldwide group of independent women authors, is proud to release its latest anthology: Lost Love Letters.

From the book description:

Love letter – what phrase conjures up more intense feelings than that simple phrase? Most of us have received a love letter. Many of us have written a love letter. Some of those letters were tucked away in the bottom of a drawer. Others were ripped to shreds or destroyed in symbolic flames. Whatever their fate, the one characteristic all love letters share is their raw and intense honesty. When we are declaring our love to another, we are speaking straight from the heart. Such words are precious because they capture a true moment in time. Whether a love lasts or not, in that moment, those words are real and sincere.

Last year, when the talented women writers of Indie Chicks were thinking about the subject of their next anthology, Barbara Silkstone came up with the idea of a compilation of love letters. Immediately, all of the women responded with enthusiasm. But what kind of love letters should be included in this anthology? There are many kinds of love letters – sweet and innocent; frank and honest; torrid and steamy; or sad and full of regret. What type of letters should be included in such a book? They tossed around some ideas and eventually came up with this one - Lost Love Letters. These are the long-overdue love letters that were never written. The recipient might be a first love, a child, a parent, a favorite aunt, or the one that got away. The subject was wide open, and the instruction was simple – pour your heart out. And so they did.

Here is that collection. Be prepared to smile and remember your own loves. Be prepared to glimpse into the hearts of many women. Be prepared to cry.

And when you are finished, you just might want to write your own Lost Love Letter. The best time to share love is always now.

Letters from many best selling authors including: Barbara Silkstone, Cheryl Bradshaw, Cheryl Shireman, Christine Nolfi, Christy Hayes, Consuelo Saah-Baehr, Donna Fasano, Faith Mortimer, Georgina Young-Ellis, Gerry McCullough, Heather Marie Adkins, Karin Cox, Kat Flannery, Katherine Owen, Lia Fairchild, Linda Barton, Lisa Vandiver, Louise Voss, Lynn Hubbard, Mary Pat Hyland, Melissa Smith, Peg Brantley, Penelope Crowe, Sarah Woodbury, Shanon Grey, Sibel Hodge, and Tonya Kappes.

To learn more about the Indie Chicks, visit their blog Indie Chicks Cafe or their facebook page.

The Elevator Pitch: Eva Blaskovic

evablaskovic1) What’s your name?

Eva A. Blaskovic

2) How long have you been writing?

As long as I can remember, but very seriously since 2006.

3) What genre do you write in?

In non-fiction, I have written articles on parenting, education, travel, how-to, and business. I am currently writing a parenting book.

In fiction, I write in the areas of literary fiction, psychological suspense, social drama, and coming of age.

beyondtheprecipice4) What’s the name of your latest work?

Beyond the Precipice, a novel, is my most recent work.

5) Why would this story interest a reader?

Many readers relate to the story, or see themselves in it.

6) Where is the book available?

Online at Amazon (.ca, .com,, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters/Indigo, as well as in a number of bookstores, libraries, schools, and organizations. It is also merchandised by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. A full list of locations and listings is available at or through the publisher, Asbhy-BP Fair-Trade Publishing, at

7) Who’s your favorite character in the book and why?

Bret Killeen because I’ve always wanted to be that gifted in music.

8) What’s your website address?

9) Name three authors who have inspired your work.

J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, and Kit Pearson (Awake and Dreaming). Honestly, though, a great many more, particularly authors of non-fiction writing books.

10) What do you do to get through writer’s block?

Typically, I don’t get writer’s block. My problem is getting enough time to write.



For six years Bret Killeen is trapped by the wishes of his dead father, blackmailed by his brother, and rejected by his uncle. Meanwhile, he watches his mother descend into the depths of poverty.

As Bret wrestles with guilt over the death of his father, he is helped by Nicole, a young cello player with big dreams. She stirs the embers of his longing both for music and for her – and ignites a fire he can’t extinguish.

But can he brave his past in order to seize his future?

The award-worthy debut novel by Eva A. Blaskovic is a riveting blend of suspense, dark humor, and compelling inter-personal drama. Once you engage this roller coaster read you won’t be able to stop.


Amazon Kindle:


 Ashby-BP Publishing:



Eva Blaskovic was born in the Czech Republic, grew up in Ontario, Canada, and moved to Alberta in 1988, where she raised four children. Eva has worked in science labs and has taught literacy, writing, math, and science. She is both an accomplished writer and editor of non-fiction articles on business, education, how-to, parenting, and travel. She is also an author of short fiction. Beyond the Precipice is Eva Blaskovic’s first full length novel, but it has already received rave reviews from literary professionals and aficionados the world over. When Eva hasn’t buried herself in writing or editing, she may be found taking her teenagers to Taekwondo, exploring the Farmers’ Market, listening to Celtic music, or sipping a latte.

Visit her:

Facebook, Beyond the Precipice

Facebook, Eva Blaskovic, Author


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Goodreads, Beyond the Precipice

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ledmundsBy Lindsay Edmunds

In this blog about my new novel WARNING: SOMETHING ELSE IS HAPPENING, I want to focus on the real-life roots of some of the settings, some of which are in central New York. This focus is right for a guest post at The Hylander Daily.

Settings of WARNING

I would have imagined the WARNING locations differently if I did not know New York. For example, the big city is named Empre St York. Most of the action in the prequel, CEL & ANNA, is set in that city.

The main characters, Taz Night and Anna Ringer, flee to the country from Empre St York. Another young couple, Lucky Lucheron and Trielia Nice-Rust, want to live in the country, in spite of the fact that when they see their first lake from the window of a bus, they don’t know what it is. This fictional country life owes much to the fact that I know central New York, especially the Otisco Lake area.

If you live in the country in the future, one thing has not changed from 2014: you need a car to get around. However, few people in the Reunited States know how to drive. (The vast majority cars are controlled by artificial intelligence and can only run on Intelligent roads.) Country-capable cars are driven manually. This requirement keeps the rural population down.

Two villages play a role in the action: Serafina and Rising Sun. Although neither one could be mistaken for a real place, real places went into my imagining them.

Memories of lovely, sinuous Skaneateles Lake and the little jewel of a town set on its shores went into the creation of Lake Serafina and the town of Serafina. Rising Sun’s look has a Maryland source: the historic Forest Glen Seminary, in Silver Spring. The seminary was saved from the wrecking ball by being converted to condos, apartments, and single family homes.

Even a writer who dwells in imagination needs reality as a launching pad. Both WARNING and CEL & ANNA would be different novels if I lived in different places.


WARNING: SOMETHING ELSE IS HAPPENING is a dystopian fairy tale set in the waning years of the 22nd century in the Reunited States. Conflict is brewing between e-beasts and people for dominion over Networld. Its regular price will be $3.99. but it is on sale for $1.99 through January 19, 2014, at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Lindsay Edmunds blogs about machine intelligence, books and independent publishing, movies and TV, and life in southwestern Pennsylvania at Writer’s Rest.



NEW RELEASE: Lia Fairchild

eBOOK TITLE: Circle in the Sand 

PRICE: $3.99

GENRE: Contemporary Fiction


Four life-long friends bound by two decades of laughter, love, promises, and secrets. Once inseparable, the four grow into independent adults pursuing very different paths.

Sage, raised by career-driven parents, follows a carefully laid out future of success that leaves her wondering what she’s missed out on.

Emily, the college drop-out, now has three children that have become her whole life. She’s slowly lost herself, subconsciously seeking dangerous ways to cope. Can she find herself in time?

Jax always lived on the edge, skating through life with no apparent ambition, yet remained the energy and emotional cement of the group. She longs for her friends to accept her without trying to fix her.

Ned, Emily’s twin brother, yearns to stand up and be counted. But his old loyalties and new feelings for one of the girls has him pulled in different directions.

Will the ties that held them together as kids be strong enough for them as adults? These four friends will discover the true meaning of friendship and unveil truths about themselves they never knew existed.



liafairchildLia Fairchild is both a traditionally published and independent author who writes contemporary fiction, chick lit, romance, and mystery/thriller. Fairchild was born and raised in Southern California and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a multiple-subject teaching credential. She is a wife and mother of two teenagers.

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Thank you to all the readers and fellow authors who frequent this site. Wishing you all the very best for 2014!

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