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Two Sents.

Each week readers are invited to submit two sentences of dialogue between two given characters. A little amusement while waiting for the fresh pot of coffee to brew.

This week’s challenge: write two sentences of dialogue between chef Bobby Flay and actor Colin Farrell about opening a corned beef taco stand.

Entries due Wednesday, March 23. Post your entry in the comments section below.

Tweet du jour

@jessenovels jesse abundis  We’re at the point where an unknown artist can make an impact with just his art & the net. 20 yrs ago that wasn’t possible #amwriting

Trailer du jour

Here is today’s trailer for The Elf Vampire: Love, War and Sorrow by Vianka Van Bokkem available on for $2.99.

One * means I’d rather watch a baby laughing hysterically at a rejection letter.
Five * means I’ve just downloaded the book on my Kindle.


Someone was messin’ with the traffic sign in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Or were they…?

Photo by Jeff Sochko, from The Herald