Name: Kevin Domenic


Bio: Born in Thomas Edison’s hometown of West Orange, New Jersey, Kevin Domenic’s interest in storytelling emerged in various ways during his youth. From outdoor games to the imaginary worlds of his action figure collection, Kevin created stories with surprising depth for a child.

“I wasn’t satisfied with just playing war with my G.I. Joes and throwing them across the room in imaginary explosions. I wanted there to be a reason for the battle. A realistic reason.”

In school, Kevin was often the target of bullies. From elementary school through high school, he stood at least five inches shorter than the majority of his classmates, making him easy prey for the larger boys.

“I wasn’t a fighter,” he recalls. “But I fantasized about it.  I wished I could protect myself and every other victim that faced the same abuse every day. I didn’t want to be afraid to go to school anymore. But since I wasn’t very good at defending myself, I‘d dream about a world where I could.”

At age fourteen, Kevin wrote his first book. After a year of sitting in front of his brother’s computer typing away on a primitive word processor, The Fourth Dimension was complete. It told the tale of a young man named Arus who was kidnapped and fitted with a cybernetic implant designed to take control of his mind. The Fourth Dimension II followed soon after, and The Fourth Dimension III completed the series. It was at that point that Kevin began to consider writing as a career. 

“I wrote two original books after that. Those projects taught me a lot. My writing style really began to take shape.  By the time I finished the my fifth novel, I could see a definite improvement in my prose. So I decided to rewrite The Fourth Dimension. As much as I loved those books, they were full of grammatical errors, plot holes, and inconsistencies.”

With his sights set on becoming a published author, Kevin got to work completely rewriting The Fourth Dimension from scratch. What was once a single book was divided into three smaller volumes, each of which is currently available on ebook sites around the web. Work on Volume IV will begin soon. 

Now living in St. Louis and pursing his writing career, Kevin’s goal is not to create books, but worlds. When he isn’t writing or working his full-time job, Kevin enjoys gaming, watching hockey, playing guitar, and of course, spending time with his wonderful fiance. Although his current focus is the Fourth Dimension series, other unrelated projects are in the works as well.

Book Title: Key to the Stars

Price: 99¢


Genre:  Science-Fiction/Fantasy

Locale:  An alternate universe not unlike our own

Protagonist’s name:  Arus Sheeth

If the book had a soundtrack, what type of music would it be: John Williams would have to be the composer. Nothing less would suffice.

What emotions do you hope the work will trigger in your readers: I hope to inspire people. To motivate them into acts of kindness and good works.


“Uploading auxiliary databank.”

“Secondary systems online. Main power is stable.”

“Have all test cycles completed?”

“Yes. All systems are functioning properly.”

To his surprise, Arus felt completely rejuvenated as consciousness swept over him. It was an odd feeling, though, much different from awakening after a long night’s sleep. It was abrupt, like his mind had sprung to life as a spark would set a bale of hay ablaze. There was no weariness or fatigue, just raw energy and a surprising clarity of mind. Still, his thoughts raced uncontrollably as though his brain was functioning too quickly for its own comprehension. Most lasted so briefly that he had forgotten them seconds later. The few he managed to single-out seemed to be incoherent nonsense. Main power drive stable. Laser coupling enabled. Scanners online. Movement functions synched. None of it made any sense, and they disappeared as quickly as they appeared. I must still be dreaming. That’s it.“Auxiliary databank has been uploaded.”

“I’m picking up unrelated brain activity. He’s thinking about something. Confused, it seems.”

“To be expected. Pay it no mind. We’re almost finished. Begin writing primary backup.”

“Backup initialized.”

He was on a cool surface, possibly metal. The air was warm and thick, and his body was drenched in sweat. The random thoughts continued, mixed with the foggy memories of his battle with Sartan Truce. Did I really lose my arm, or was that a part of the dream? Though it refused to move, he could feel his arm lying beside him. If I dreamt that part, how much was real? He tried to move, tried to shake himself into consciousness, but his body remained perfectly still. I am awake, aren’t I? I’ve never had a dream where my own thoughts were so vivid before. Why can’t I open my eyes? What’s happened to me?“Primary backup complete.”

“Begin auxiliary backup. Initialize onboard life-support and disconnect from the main terminal.”

“Auxiliary backup initialized. Life-support systems online and functioning.”

A chill swept across Arus’ body, sending shivers down his spine, and with them, images of Kitreena skimmed the surface of his mind. Her eyes of amethyst, glowing, staring, piercing his own with their ferocious energy. That was certainly a part of the dream. No human can wield power like that, unless she was one of the Vermillion Mages. Unlikely, given her utter disdain for anything involving Truce. She certainly was pretty. Will I ever see her again? The images faded into nothingness, replaced only by the sea of darkness that plagued him. I wonder what happened to Vultrel and Master Eaisan. I hope they’re all right. Anton, too. Maybe that was part of the dream! Maybe Anton is still alive!“Auxiliary backup complete. Life-support is active and stable.”

“Good. All right, I think we’re ready. Switch power to full and Initialize mainframe.”

“Power to full. Initialization commencing.”

Abruptly, the world appeared. The rocky surface of the dirt ceiling came into focus almost immediately. A strange winding sound came from just above his face, hovering near his left eye, and a thin red film tinted his vision. For a moment, blocky-shaped text appeared, echoing the various thoughts that continued to stream through his subconscious. When the words “Scanners Enabled” appeared, a small circle of deep maroon appeared in the upper right edge of his vision, marked with a dark red point in the center and two white points on the left side. Toward the bottom-left, the words “Main Power: %100” glowed in the same red as the circle. Opposite that, a message reading “Current Magnification: %100” sat near the corner. What is all this? By the Maker, would someone please tell me what is going on?!“Initialization complete. Mainframe is up and running. Audio recognition protocols are active and responding. Visual cortex is functioning as anticipated. He’s ready to go.”

“Arus? Arus, can you hear me?”

For the first time, Arus recognized Sartan Truce’s voice; he couldn’t fathom how he’d not realized sooner. What has he done to me? Why am I—“Yes, Master.”

To hear himself speak when he hadn’t even attempted to open his mouth was frightening, but to hear himself refer to Truce as “Master” was absolutely terrifying.

Upload complete.