What a long day! I proofed the hard copy of my paperback today (and the oxymoron meter wails) for hours. In between waves of thunderstorms, I Kindlelized the new book, too.

Deciding a price for the Kindle version of The Terminal Diner was tough. This is probably my most marketable book yet, in terms of the audience it could attract. Should I consider that?

When I had 3/17 priced at 99¢, it became an Amazon Top 100 Bestseller. Sales have not been as brisk since I raised the price to $2.99. The big boost came after I was mentioned on a well-read blog. So was that, more than the price, a reason for my big sales?

To help me make up my mind, I read an excellent post on David Gaughran’s blog. Gaughran is about to publish a new book that indies should read. According to his blog:

Let’s Get Digital – (is) not just how to self-publish, why to self-publish. 60,000 words of essays, articles, and how-to guides, with contributions from 33 bestselling indie authors, available free, right here (on http://davidgaughran.wordpress.com).

So, after a good read and careful consideration, the Kindle version of The Terminal Diner will start off at $2.99 (the paperback version will be $14.95—a new price point for me). The novel should be available soon. Fingers crossed…