Now in Kindle format for $2.99!

I had an idea for a short story once and started writing it down. Then along came a contest and I thought, hey, that story idea would be perfect as an entry. So I added some spit and polish, then watched the story go off in a wild direction for a bit, corralled it and sent it off. The story didn’t win.

Probably a decade passed and I heard about this contest on Amazon called the Breakthrough Novel Award. I thought about that short story of years past and thought I could do something with it. One of the characters was in the military and I got the idea of weaving in the story line of Sept. 11. In a mere month I converted the story into a 50,000 word novel and entered the competition.

It was knocked out in Round One. *Sigh* The good thing about the experience was that I met a fellow indie author who gave me all sorts of great advice about new ways to publish, including digitally.

Earlier this year, I picked the manuscript back up, added new characters and refined the story. My editors gave me great feedback on how to improve the story and make the characters more believable.

Well, after years of gestation, this novel has been born. Today it became available in paperback and Kindle formats. In the days to come, I’ll try some other formats.

I’m very proud of this book and I hope that my readers enjoy it!