Carlos Royal: I just finished reading Mary Pat Hyland’s fictional humorous romance novel based on the experiences that happen in the owl box. What a fun read, especially if you were around during the first clutch when all the drama was happening for the first time. You will recognize many of the events that actually happened. Mary does a wonderful job of weaving them into her romantic story which takes place in upper New York State. I also connected with the owl box lexicons she used such as deet, deet, deet, gag-shag and plotz. The realness of the book brought back many wonderful memories and also some tears.

Once I started, I stayed up most the night reading the book. I won’t say I couldn’t put it down, only that I didn’t and at around 6 AM this morning when I was finishing the book,  I realized I had forgotten to go to bed. This emotional little romantic book is about people and owls. A Wisdom of Owls, is only 275 pages but it has a little bit of everything, from chat room drama to Internet hope and happiness. As a warning, Hyland’s story telling style may give you watery eyes from time to time, I know I used a box of Kleenex as the story took many unexpected and highly emotional twist and turns.

You can get your copy of A Wisdom of Owls on  I recommend it.


***** Feathery Cheryl
I am enjoying reading your book MPH it’s been exciting reliving those first feelings I can see those owls along with the characters you created, its been fun. I don’t want the book to end but I know that it will… therefore now that I am hooked on your Maeve Kenny series,, I am looking forward to be taken along on your next adventure.


***** Crispy  “Loved this series and this book!!”
I have loved the Maeve Kenny series from the very first book and have enjoyed each one. This book brings a satisfying end to the series and is an enjoyable read. The story line is fun and the characters are believable. I was sad to see the series end, but now I can’t wait to see what the next series will be like!

This book was even more special because I “met” the author originally through a barn owl chat room much like the one described in this book. In addition, I went to college in the very area where the series is set, so I recognize descriptions and place names. However, I would have enjoyed this book and this series even without those connections.


***** What a wonderful and great book to read!!! SuzyQ

I love love love this book. In fact,I love all of Mary Pat Hyland’s work! She is a gifted author that is for sure. You will not be sorry you bought this book. I’ve bought it, read it and plan on reading it again. I have the book itself and also the Kindle version. What a great read!! Highly recommend.