***** Amazon

Amazon customer from Staten Island: The setting, the authentic Irish American characters, the angels working through seeming coincidences, the Gaelic made this book very interesting! My cousins and aunts joined me in reading the trilogy and we all enjoyed the series!

Sheila Forsyth: The Cyber Miracles held my interest from beginning to end. It was a delightful read – full of humor, some sadness, and a delicate handling of the subject of faith. Mary Pat has shown her expertise in the Irish language throughout the book, as well as her knowledge of the inner workings of a newspaper room and the internet. When you buy this book, be prepared to sit down and read it straight through! So, raise your “bloody good martinis” to toast this brilliant book!

reader from Florida: This first novel is funny and wise–and bittersweet, at times. Maeve is Everywoman and, at the same time, a very specific protagonist on a very particular path. Follow her down it, and find all manner of surprises and delights. Highly recommended.

Debra: This book was so wonderful that I wish it didn’t end yet I couldn’t put it down. It was tender, touching, hilarious, and oh-so-genuine. Ms. Hyland, please give us more Maeve…more Andy…more miracles!

jstew40: I found it very hard to set this book aside once I got into it. I learned so much about the Irish culture and the characters were delightful. The story line was engrossing and kept moving right along. Humor and romance round out the enjoyment of this story, and make me anxious to go to the next in the series, “A Sudden Gift of Fate”

T. Wagaman “The Wags”: I read voraciously. Sometimes I want a book that challenges, amuses, comforts or recalls fond memories. This book did all of this. The characters are engaging and realistic. I can imagine a conversation with any of them. The experiences of Irish immigrant and Irish-American characters ring true without seeming cutesy. I read it in one sitting, and look forward to reading it again soon. First, I’m going grab a cup of tea and read the sequel.

Sharon Hyland: The novel is just the sort of book I would be naturally drawn to if I saw it on display at a bookstore or library. The title sparks interest, combining the reality of the technology-driven world in which we live with the real need for spiritual guidance. As I begin to read the novel, I feel a connection with the main character, Maeve Kenny. Perhaps this connection is due to my age, faith, background, or the incredible period of transition I have been experiencing in my own life. More probably it is because Maeve is someone that any reader can relate to. Similarly, the other characters in the book reach out and grab you. They remind you of people you know, admire, love, and in some cases, just can’t stand! The author sets these characters in a world of interesting environments, captivating stories, and nail-biting suspense, but still, a world that is very much our own. The Cyber Miracles is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make some new friends, laugh out loud, and think deeply about the miracles that are just waiting to happen – in our own backyard.