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Terminal Diner
Just finished reading this on Kindle – absolutely loved it! Had a bit of everything in it – bit of drama, bit of mystery and intrigue, bit of romance and a bit of humour. It kept me up till the early hours of the morning as I couldn’t put it down! Fabulous plot and an interesting twist on how peoples lives were affected after 9/11, if you want a straightforward fun and exciting read then this is for you.

Amazon: By Lupifilius
Men like pie!
Mary Pat Hyland’s latest work, The Terminal Diner, is her most intriguing one to date. Set in Binghamton, New York, the novel deftly tells a poignant personal story against the backdrop of a post 9/11 America filled with suspicion, fear, and knee-jerk displays of patriotism. The protagonist, Elaina Brady, yearns for love and must follow her heart through this modern mine field, while struggling daily with her mother’s legacy, “men like pie.”

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My First Mary Pat Hyland Book
This is the first time I have read a book by Mary Pat Hyland. I found the cover intriguing and the theme of “men like pie” intersting. Don’t own a Kindle (own a Sony Reader) so I purchased the paperback. I love to read books but just don’t take enough time to do so. Once I picked this book up and started reading it, I was immediately drawn into the story. This book held my interest to the very end. I finished it in record time (for me) even staying up very late at night because I just wanted to keep reading. I loved how Mary Pat Hyland laid this story out and just when I thought I may have some things figured out or thought I knew what was going to happen next, I was surprised by the turn of events in the story. For me, a good or great book is one that I hate when the end comes and I have finished reading the book. I found myself not wanting the book to end. As I was finishing this book, I had several interruptions so I waited until quiet time so I could devour that one last slice of pie… Hated to see the story end, but all books have to have an ending and I would even read this book again which says a lot for me. This book will remain in my library and again I will one day re-visit The Terminal Diner.

Amazon: By TByrd
The Terminal Diner; Holds The Reader’s Interest, Mary Pat Hyland has done it again. From start to finish The Terminal Diner kept my interest while at the same time feeling a plethora of emotions. I found myself relating to the emotions of the main character. I didn’t want to put it down until I finished reading it. Thank you for providing such an entertaining read. Making it available on Kindle is a big plus. Ms. Hyland is a gifted author and I’m looking forward to her next book.

Amazon: By Merritt
Prepare to gorge yourself on the witty, thoughtful, and intriguing words of Mary Pat Hyland. The Terminal Diner is a delicious read that will leave you wanting more.

Amazon: By XSkater1014
Diner’s Delight
The Terminal Diner is the latest effort by talented writer Mary Pat Hyland. She does a wonderful job of creating interesting characters whom you feel right at home with. Her descriptions and attention to everyday nuances allow you to step right into the upstate NY setting. The book is a quick, easy read and one you’ll have trouble putting down. So grab a cup of coffee, a slice of pie and enjoy The Terminal Diner!

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A Slice of Mystery With Your Pie…
As an avid fan of Mary Pat Hyland’s works, I was eagerly awaiting the release of her newest book, The Terminal Diner. I was not disappointed! Ms. Hyland has already proven to me that she is a master of believable characters, situations and humor in her 1st 3 books, The Cyber Miracles, A Sudden Gift of Fate (its sequel) and 3/17. Each of those books has something that appeals to me…the Finger Lakes in NY, my Irish heritage, and Keuka Lake in particular. I couldn’t wait to see what she would do with one of my favorite genres, suspense!
This book is absolutely brilliant! With a new set of characters placed in a setting of one of our nation’s worst tragedies, it was interesting to see how she wove her story and built suspense. Her treatment of 9/11 was neither overstated nor maudlin as she told the story as seen by characters affected by the awful tragedy, but well removed from its origin. As usual, her characters were superb, each with his/her own lovable (or despicable!)intrigue. I did not see the ending, which was unbelievably clever, coming! Also as usual, I could not put her book down and truly missed the characters when I was done with the book (in less than 24 hours, I might add!). Hollywood agents would do well to snap up the rights to this masterpiece before it is gone!!!
My advice to potential readers? Buy the book, make yourself comfy, and cut yourself a nice slice of pie as you read this outstanding novel…you never know who might join you for pie!!!

Amazon: Sheila Forsyth
A Slice of Life
The Terminal Diner is a well written, enthralling book. Mary Pat Hyland has written something totally different from her Maeve Kenny series. This is about the people who own and work in their diner and how their lives changed as a result of 9/11. The characters grow as the plot deepens. The book held my attention from start to finish. I highly recommend this book!


Amazon: By Writing On The Wall
The Terminal Diner gives reader “life support”
“Men like pie”. Simple, intriguing and mysterious, with a touch of melancholy and a host of memories attached – the key phrase of “The Terminal Diner” sets the tone for this read-in-one-sitting novel by Mary Pat Hyland. At times tense, at times wistful, and always engaging, Hyland has returned to Upstate New York to bring us a world filled with unanswerable questions and questionable answers. A book lovingly written by a woman who knows her characters, “The Terminal Diner” catches you and carries you along to it’s all too soon conclusion. There is always a quirky sense of hopefulness in Hyland’s writing. Even when taking you into a world of confusion and mistrust, ultimately, a sense of optimism resides just under the surface. Hyland gets better and better with each novel – expanding her reach while honoring her unique voice. “The Terminal Diner” is her best work yet.

Amazon: Diana Schleicher “LBT Lover”
My first, but not last, of Mary Pat Hyland!
This is my first adventure with author M.P. Hyland. I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style from first to last page. Her characters are well rounded, displaying a wide range of emotions that only a well versed author could attain. Although there is mystery and intrigue, there is a surprising lack of bloody details, making it all the more enjoyable for the reader. Ms. Hyland left the reader wanting the book to continue, and not come to a close. I’m looking forward to her next novel, and will read her other already published ones in the meantime.

Amazon: By Cinda
Mary Pat Hyland does it again!
This is the third book of Mary Pat Hyland’s I have read. She really has the knack of totally immersing the reader in the characters and the story with her prose and writing style. It’s so hard to put down her books! The characters are so well-rounded that they feel like old friends by the end of the story. The elements of mysticism and karma woven in leave the reader with a hopeful ending that’s never schmaltzy. The Terminal Diner takes you on Elaina’s journey to live life outside of the diner in post 9/11 upstate New York. You’ll be hooked on it and rooting for her from the first chapter!