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Now through Dec. 2, I will be publishing special book shopping offers for your holiday gift list. Drop in each day for the latest. On Small Business Saturday, we start off with some deep discounts:


Nov. 26 – Dec. 2, the Kindle version of The Curse of the Strawberry Moon is drastically reduced.

Buy it at for just 99 cents HERE.

Buy it at AmazonUK for just £0.99 HERE.


Get the paperback version of The Curse of the Strawberry Moon for 50% off the list price of $19.99 by using the coupon code RUH4EJ4U during checkout at my online store HERE.

Countdown deals, giveaway winners

reviews_tcotsmcoverIt’s almost time to start the Kindle Countdown!

Beginning Saturday, Sept. 17 at 6 a.m. EST, the Kindle version of my new mystery The Curse of the Strawberry Moon will be marked down drastically.

The Kindle version of the book has a list price of $4.99.
On Sept. 17, the price plummets to 99 cents and then gradually rises back to the list price at the end of the week.

Price increases go from 99 cents to $1.99, to $2.99, to $3.99, and then back to $4.99 on Sept. 24.

How long will it stay at the lowest price? It’s a risk waiting buyers must figure out. Remember, the clock will be ticking. The longer you wait, the less you save.

DID YOU KNOW: With the free downloadable Kindle app, you can read the book not only on Kindle but iPhone, Blackberry, Android as well as Windows and Mac tablets/desktops. The app is available at


Congrats to the GIVEAWAY WINNERS

Three people are the lucky winners of digital and paperback copies of The Curse of the Strawberry Moon. Congrats to Debra K. who won a Kindle copy through my Amazon giveaway, and Arlene D. and Angel L. who won signed paperbacks through the Goodreads giveaway. Stay tuned for more prizes!

Eighteen tales for 99¢

flyingtimeIn the Shadows of the Onion Domes is a Kindle Countdown Deal from Nov. 25-30.

Here’s how it will break down:

  • Nov. 25 through 28: 99¢
  • Nov. 29 & 30: $1.99
  • Dec. 1: Back to the list price, $2.99

samplerAt this price you could buy several copies as gifts. I like to think of this book as a Whitman’s Sampler of stories. Each one has a different flavor and shape (from sudden fiction to novella length).

Consider what this price represents. It’s…

  • Cheaper than a caramel macchiato (& no calories)!
  • Cheaper than a copy of the NYTimes!
  • Cheaper than a dozen pierogi!

C’mon and join the countdown mania HERE.

Too cheap, or not too cheap?

dave3That is the question David Gaughran explores in a great blog post today about the effects of cheap books on the world marketplace. Every indie writer should take the time to read this and weigh in. So, what’s your opinion?

NEW RELEASE: Melissa Smith

fallingstarseBOOK TITLE: Falling Stars

PRICE: 99¢

GENRE: Short Thrill

DESCRIPTION: Meteor showers are spectacular shows that everyone should see at least once in their lives. Brand new Falling Stars hit the Earth’s surface every day. Most are nothing more than fascinating pieces of space rock, but others . . .

Others are much more than they seem.


The end of the world may or may not come next month, but even if it does, I doubt it will happen as inventively as in this short story. Some of the verb tenses threw me off, but overall, I enjoyed this creative apocalyptic tale.


Cheap eBook reads

Be sure to check out my 99¢ Reads page for daily additions. There is quite a variety of works here from mainly indie authors. Show them your support. (Hey, a read here is cheaper than a latte “there.”)

Viva los Indies!

Today’s author is Brian McMurray. His book Dream Keeper is available for 99¢ at

I’ll try to talk about the inspiration for this story, without giving too much away. The entire story actually started from a joke at work. I was talking with a couple of programmers—I’m a computer technician—and we got started on the topic of artificial intelligence. Through the course of the conversation, I asked the question: “What is a programmer to a computer? A therapist or a god?” After that, the story just popped into my head.

Hope I didn’t give away too much…

Great resource for cheap reads

Wow, just found out that my novel 3/17 was listed on today! If you’re a Kindle owner and haven’t checked out this site yet, bookmark it now. Book reviews are categorized for easy browsing. I’m thrilled to be included on the site.

Trailer du jour

Here is today’s trailer for Dinosauria by J. Rock, Parts I and II are available on for 99¢ each.

One * means I’d rather watch a baby laughing hysterically at a rejection letter.
Five * means I’ve just downloaded the book on my Kindle.

March Madness full court press

Kindle version now 99¢

I’m whirling from my press junket for 3/17.

Today I was interviewed by Bill Jaker on his radio show Off the Page at WSKG FM. You can listen to the interview starting tomorrow here.

Also today, Brianna Lee McKenzie posted my replies to the Chair to Chair Author Interview on her blog, The Cozy Corner Reading Room. As her blog’s Featured Author, I also have the Prologue to 3/17 posted on her site.

Stay tuned for other interviews/reviews in the works.