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bullyhillviewI’m about to lead my readers down a new path. Coming soon—my first mystery novel. This book will introduce readers to the Caviston sisters who live on Keuka Lake in the heart of New York’s Finger Lakes. Over the course of five mystery novels, they will encounter some fascinating characters, engaging them in all sorts of complicated situations. Through luck and intuition, they will help Detective Tyrone Kane solve them all.



Photo by Laura J. Bear

By Laura J. Bear

Coming in March 2015 through Unsolicited Press

DESCRIPTION: Former black sheep and reluctant socialite Lucy Litchfield is forced to re-examine her life after learning that her philandering husband has fathered a child with a much-younger woman. Battling a debilitating depression when forced to share the house with her cad of a spouse as they settle the divorce, Lucy’s drastic solution to her problems is thwarted by her youngest daughter. Lucy’s fortunes change when she inherits an old farmhouse in rural Minnesota from an eccentric great-aunt.

In another part of the country, a young girl named Addie survives a childhood of abandonment and sexual abuse to escape to a new life with a Mennonite family. She and Lucy meet when Lucy moves into the house next door to Addie and Carl’s farm. Drawn to one another by shared circumstances and sparks of recognition, their relationship takes a turn that threatens to destroy Addie’s young family and Lucy’s new-found confidence.

This is a story of two strong women who are trying to find their way and the interesting characters that help them along the way.

Laura J. Bear Photo by Kevin Tomasello

Laura J. Bear
Photo by Kevin Tomasello


Laura Bear, a life-long “closet writer,” was inspired to write a novel after several serendipitous experiences involving psychics, kitty cats, and a remote spontaneous writer’s retreat. Although her characters are fiction, Laura draws heavily from her life and dreams, and believes there is a thin veil separating reality from fantasy. She has worked as a nurse, a speech language pathologist, on an organic farm, a photographer and has played the occasional acoustic musical gig with her husband. She lives in a small town
along the Susquehanna River in upstate New York. She is currently working on her second novel, a thriller.

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