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Five star first response

It’s funny being a writer. You work for months, sometimes years on a manuscript, and then within a few days, the first readers will read your novel and have an opinion.thecurseofthestrawberrymoon_cover_150x228

How wonderful a moment it is when a reader expresses that opinion so soon after you published your book.
Within a handful of days of publishing the paperback version of The House With the Wraparound Porch, I got a review.

5.0 out of 5 stars I absolutely LOVED it. Cannot wait for the next By Kathleen Creary on August 10, 2016

Just spent the past 2 days doing nothing but reading MaryPat’s new novel. It was truly “you cannot put this down until you finish it” kind of book. I absolutely LOVED it. Cannot wait for the next one.Similarly, Just a few days after the Kindle version came out, this review was posted:


5.0 out of 5 starsA happy discovery By Lindsay Edmunds on August 22, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Curse of the Strawberry Moon is above all a LOCAL book, written by an author who knows the finger lakes region of New York inside out. Mary Pat Hyland knows plenty about the complexity of small town living and the way that lives and events intertwine. The book feels real in all its details: wine-making, book selling, massage therapy, clubbing, drug trafficking, police procedure, the lifestyle of aging rock stars, the hardscrabble edges where people move from job to job, the natural beauty of the lake country. The Caviston sisters seem like real sisters. It is a full portrait of a place and the people who live there. The incredibly complicated events that led to the murder are consistent with the complexity of life in this place, but solving the murder was the least important part of the book for me.The pleasures of the table are also featured. The precise, sophisticated descriptions of good wine and good meals are by themselves almost worth the purchase price.This easy-going, well-written novel is a discovery in the way that finding a great local restaurant, seeing a brilliant production by a regional theater company, or hearing an outstanding concert by local musicians are discoveries. I am looking forward to reading the next Caviston sisters mystery.

So glad to read these reviews and know that the novel is capturing their imagination.


Just pressed: A Wisdom of Owls

It is with great pleasure that I announce the publication of my fifth novel, A Wisdom of Owls. Today it is available in paperback from my CreateSpace estore.

UPDATE: The book is now available at the and Kindle stores: Nook, Kobo, iBook, etc. ebook formats soon.

Genre: Mainstream/Humorous Romance
Series: Book Three of the Maeve Kenny Series
The Story: Young Irish couple Fergal and Brídgeen Griffin didn’t think that their cousin Colm O’Brien’s wedding gift-managing a winery in New York’s Finger Lakes for him-was charity. When the demise of the Celtic Tiger-Ireland’s economic generator-threatens Colm’s funding of Loughmare Winery, the Griffins realize suddenly how dependent their future is on his generosity. Colm sets a deadline for them to increase the winery’s profit; it collides with the June wedding date of the Griffins’ best friends, Maeve Kenny and Andy Krall. Unaware of the coming conflict, Maeve and Andy give the Griffins a barn owl box with a webcam to celebrate Loughmare’s current successes. As they and the world tune in to watch an owl couple raise its brood, all realize there is much to be learned from a wisdom of owls.

Just released: The Cyber Miracles

I have just published a new, digital edition of my first novel, The Cyber Miracles. It’s the first volume in the Maeve Kenny series.

Here’s a description of the story: Maeve Kenny’s life couldn’t be more perfect. At 30, she’s dating a handsome soap opera star and working at high-profile public relations firm in Manhattan. Then three sudden events turn everything upside down. Maeve flees her Sunnyside, Queens, apartment for sanctuary back home upstate in Binghamton. There she befriends her parents’ quirky neighbor, a cyber-savvy programmer named Andy Krall. He creates a web site to market her job skills and she admits it will take a miracle to turn her life around. Who would have thought the whole world would be watching when it happens?

Genre: Fiction/Humorous Romance
Price: $4.99

In the market for an Indie read?

Get your fresh fiction here, at our Hot Off the Press page. This will be updated monthly with the newest works by members of Indie Writers Unite!—a worldwide group of self published and small press authors.

The current list includes my latest work, The Terminal Diner, a suspenseful tale of a family whose lives were changed indirectly by the events of Sept. 11. Markets: Amazon paperback, Kindle, my eStore, Amazon UK Kindle / Paperback & Amazon DE Kindle / Paperback.

Hot Off the Press: Death of a Kingdom

From times to time I will feature a freshly pressed book from my list on the main menu above.

Today’s suggestion: M. Edward McNally: Death of a Kingdom, $2.99,​0057GII6U

Reviewer Richard Frazier writes on Amazon: “Bottom line, a GREAT read. Mr. McNally does an outstanding job with this sequel to “The Sable City.” Most of the same characters are present with the addition of some interesting new ones. As with his previous novel, very rich descriptions and a great flow to the whole story. I read it mostly on my ipad, but when out and about I would grab any spare moment and continue on my phone. Anxiously awaiting his next installment. Keep it coming!”

This Epic, Musket & Magic Fantasy is the second book in his Norothian Cycle, following The Sable City, which one reviewer called “literary art” and another said the “dialogue is snappy and fun – fully of witty banter.”


New features debut

Today I’m offering readers two new features on the top menu bar that I think you’ll enjoy.

The first is Indie Summer Reads, a list of Indie Writers’ works that are perfect to download before your vacation. These books, selected by the authors, are a great introduction to their works.

The second is Hot Off the Press, where I’ll feature Indie books published within the last month.

If you’re an Indie Writer and want your work included, send me an email here.