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The Curse of the Strawberry Moon is now available at Amazon and CreateSpace.

Here’s a description of the novel, the first in the Caviston Sisters Mystery series:

thecurseofthestrawberrymoon_cover_150x228A full red moon rises over a wedding at a Finger Lakes winery as fireworks explode unexpectedly above the celebration. Was it a timing accident, or were they set off early on purpose to cover up the murder of ’80s rock star Jeremiah Redfern nearby?

Across Keuka Lake, the Caviston sisters watch the show from their deck on a warm June evening, unaware of how their lives will soon become entwined in the unfolding mystery. Curiosity about a Seneca Indian curse draws them deep into the investigation before they realize their own lives may be endangered as they help Detective Tyrone Kane decipher motives tangled tighter than a grapevine.

The Curse of the Strawberry Moon‘s riveting plot delves intimately into the Finger Lakes wine industry with a touch of rock-and-roll attitude.

Here are some details about the paperback version:

ISBN/EAN13: 1530532639 / 9781530532636

Page Count: 396

Size: 6″ x 9″

Language: English

Genre: Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Cozy

List price: $19.99

5 Star Indie Summer Reads

Hey, it ain’t over ’til the fat school bus beeps, right?
Here are a few more Indie summer reads that have garnered five star reviews to download before Labor Day, or if you want to get technical about it, Sept. 23.

Game 7: Dead Ball by Allen Schatz $2.99 Kindle
Review: “I do like baseball but I would have enjoyed this book even if I didn’t! It was a great summer read that kept me wanting more….hard to put down. Had it loaded on to my kindle for under $4.00. Great bargain!”

Katie’s Hellion by Lizzy Ford 99 cents Kindle
Review: “Two lost souls destined for each other, but even with destiny the path is not always easy. I can’t wait to read the next book to see how the relationship evolves between Katie and Rhyn and the other immortals. This was a different twist on humans, immortals, and the battles between good and evil. Loved the premise.”

Delivered to Eternity by Laura Yirak $2.99 on Kindle
Review: “It’s a page turner, and the author’s talent of creating characters that seem real is amazing. These aren’t just names in a book, these people are ones you can relate to and feel like you know.”

Trouble Down South and Other Stories by Katrina Parker Williams $3.99 on Kindle
Review: “The author captures the reality of life by vividly painting an accurate depiction of the everyday trials of the average black person trying to survive. She accomplishes this by writing in a real life style and using period colloquialism that reflect the actual life of her characters. She weaves a detailed tapestry with words of the life stories of her characters.
Having grown up is this region of the country during the latter part of segregation, the sounds and events of that time came flooding back to me. I was reminded of the disrespect, humiliation and cruelty that a whole section of our population was subjected to.
I highly recommend Trouble Down South and Other Stories as a must read. It is an excellent example of historical fiction, accurately depicting a period of our history that should not be forgotten.”

Not Everything Brainless is Dead by Joshua Price 99 cents on Kindle
Review: “I was taking a road trip from Dallas to Iowa. I had hours and hours of flat, boring terrain to look forward to. Captain Rescue to the rescue! Instead of a ho-hum, mind-numbing trip, I spent my time laughing at this funny and entertaining book. The characters are ironic and sarcastic. Two qualities I admire in fictional beings! The situations they find themselves in are ludicrous and silly, which adds to the fun. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel!”

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5 Star Indie Summer Reads: Cloud Nine

Throughout the summer I’ll post a random book from the Indie Summer Reads shelf and a five-star review of it from Amazon.

Melissa Smith: Cloud Nine: A Paranormal Romance of the Guardians of Man 

When I picked up this book by an unknown author I was a little afraid that the quality of the story wouldnt be very good. I was happily surprised to find that it’s really a great read! I loved the interactions between Claire and Sterling. I will definitely be checking out the next novel in this series!

This book is good for all ages. So go ahead and pick this one up.

Indie Summer Reads: Fantasy sampler

Throughout the summer I’ll post a random book from the Indie Summer Reads shelf and a five-star review of it from Amazon.

Julia Crane: Coexist: Keegan’s Chronicles, $2.99,​ist-Keegans-Chronicles-ebo​ok/dp/B0055HFZ3A

Five star review: “There’s romance, war, and supernatural all thrown in to make this incredible story. I was hooked from the first chapter, I’m hoping and waiting for a sequel.”

P.h. C. Marchesi: Shelby and Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes E-book 4.99. Paperback 12.99. To access all links, please go to

Five star review: “It is so unusual to find a ‘different’ book these days. No wizards or Quidditch games, but this book as its shares of heros and super characters in a TOTALLY different way. A must read for teenagers and even adults. This author is destined for greatness!”

PJ Port: Assorted Shorts, 99 cents,​rted-Shorts-ebook/dp/B004W9N4EY

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Throughout the summer I’ll post a random book from the Indie Summer Reads shelf and a five-star review of it from Amazon.

Alan Nayes, Barbary Point, 99 cents,


Very well written. A lovely romance novel that I would recommend to anyone. Alan Nayes writes a wonderfully,romantic story that is very enjoyable to read. Once you meet the main character, Kelly English, you will not want to put it down. You find yourself wanting to know exactly what “Barbary Point” means to Kelly and how it changes her life forever. Thank you, Alan Nayes, for writing a romance novel that truly is romantic!

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