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Pixel of Ink, a great web site listing bargain and free books for the Kindle, has listed The Hylander Diner on it’s new Recommended Resources for Writers page.
It’s an honor for this blog to be included, Pixel of Ink. Many thanks!

On to 100K…

50K today?

I started this blog on March 3, 2011. Today I could hit the 50,000 hits milestone. Holy schnikes! If only every hit was a book sale…but I digress.

Thank you readers for dropping by regularly to read my interviews with some terrific indie writers, the worker bees of the Kindle Revolution. It’s been a privilege to meet them and offer you samples of their work.

Y’all come back now.

While you’re waiting…

Just wanted to let my regular readers know that my weekly schedule of posting will be irregular for a while as I finished the edit, layout and publication this month of my next novel, The Terminal Diner.

As you wait, care for some pie?

This, and that

You may have noticed a slowdown in posting here, Not to worry. I’ve been printing off copies of my WIP, The Terminal Diner, to send to editors and proofreaders.

In the meantime, it appears this blog has become a spam magnet in the past couple of days. Have I been put on a list somewhere? Or is it because I’ve passed the 25K visits mark and that unleashes spam hell? Who writes their material? It’s pretty lame. Perhaps that’s where authors who never made it end up, writing spam for herbal diet pill purveyors…? (Either that or it’s those bloody Vikings!)

Thank you, readers!

The Hylander Diner opened on March 3rd.

A month later we’ve had almost * 17,000 visits * by our customers!

To say thank you, here’s a bumper sticker for you to download.

Next week you’ll see some changes here at the diner. As we begin our second month in business, it became apparent that we needed to tweak our menu.

Thanks to a big interest from authors, our Coffee Break Q& A will be posted on Tuesdays and Saturdays. These (and all our posts) are archived on the right-hand column under the Menus drop-down menu. They are also accessible by clicking on a date on the calendar above it.

On Monday, we debut our weekly Book Tour. Authors interested in participating should follow directions on the SUBMISSIONS page.

Fridays we challenge readers to tweet a book review in 140 characters or less!

Here is our complete weekly schedule:

  • SUNDAY: Kindle Sampler for #samplesunday, Sunday Writing Prompt
  • MONDAY: Book Tour
  • TUESDAY: Coffee Break
  • WEDNESDAY: Two Sents dialogue writing prompt, Sunday Writing Prompt entries
  • THURSDAY: Poll of the Week
  • FRIDAY: Tweeted Book Review Can you review a book in 140 characters?
  • SATURDAY: Coffee Break, Two Sents dialogue writing prompt entries

Offered daily at The Hylander Diner is a selection of the Trailer du jour, Tweet du jour, A Writer’s Inspiration, Viral Video and Funnies.

Thanks again for your patronage and feel free to leave a tip.

Anniversary Tour

Well, the diner’s been open just a week now and we’ve already served about 3,600 customers. It must be our Utterly Deadly Pecan Pie (recipe by Marjorie Kinan Rawlings). In case you’re new to the diner, let us give you a quick tour ’round the place.

At the counter above you can find the standard menu of our offerings: A list of 99¢ Kindle reads, the weekly Coffee Break author interview and book sample on the Kindle Sampler.  At the counter you’ll also find our Submissions info and a little bit about your hostess, author Mary Pat Hyland.

In the booths along the right wall, you can click through a calendar archive, read the latest post left as a diner’s tip, click on the drop down menu of feature categories and visit blogs of some creative folks. Just below that is the back door that leads to the Twitter newspaper, The Self Publishing Daily. Below that, you can browse the author’s bookshelf as you wait for the cashier to ring up your check.

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Have a nice day. 🙂