PLEASE, all Indie Authors out there, read fellow Indie David Gaughran‘s fine and cautionary post today about big industry’s attempt to cash in on the self-publishing movement. The upside of this may be that we’re considered successful now by the traditional publishers (although they won’t admit it). 

UPDATE: Posts will continue to be sporadic here as I am in the midst of editing my fifth novel. Thanks for your patience.

Blogs: A Writer’s Rest

Today I’m a guest on Lindsay Edmunds’s blog A Writer’s Rest. Her blog explores self publishing and the writing life. She’s starting an interview series called Take Five and I’m the first indie author she spoke with.

Edmunds has a collection of short stories called Lighthorse Magic and Other Stories (a companion to her novel Cel & Anna) that is currently FREE on Amazon.

The Terminal Diner is featured today on The Electronic Text & Literature Cloud. According to the site, it’s mission is to help readers “discover the work of independent (indie) authors. The majority of writing on this cloud is available in a digitalized format, which provides indies a viable medium to distribute their work. Our focus is self-published material since we believe it remains closer to the “vision” of the writer than work reshaped by publishers with “elusive” marketing goals.”

The site’s host, Kenneth Wayne, is also an indie author. Check out his books Clip or An American Branch. Both are available in digital format from Amazon and Smashwords.

Read submissions info HERE.


Fellow Indie Writer Mike Cooley interviews me today on his blog Last Writes.

Cooley, who’s got a terrific sense of humor, is the author of several books including The Crystal Warrior (Legend Of The Crystals) and his tome on the Indie Author’s life, Traditional Publishing Is My Bitch! (and other inflammatory remarks).

On Last Writes you’ll find info about his books, his opinions on publishing and a list of his influences.


Blogs: Steve Drennon, indie writer

On Wednesday I was a guest on Steve Drennon’s blog, Adventures in Writing. I like the sleek design of his site that features IWU! interviews, writing tips and resources for indie writers. Drennon writes fantasy novels and poetry. Good stuff!

Today Indie writer Katrina Parker Williams interviews me about my new novel The Terminal Diner on her blog Trouble Down South and Other Stories, which also happens to be the title of her book of Southern short stories. I’ve always been a big fan of Southern writing, and Williams’s stories such as Rock, featured here at the diner in April, prove she is a great addition to the genre.

Blog fest!

Since yesterday my list of Indie Writers’ blogs has tripled! Check out the new names HERE.

They blog, too

If you’re a fan of Indie Writers, chances are you’d enjoy their blogs, too. I find reading authors’ blogs on a regular basis gives you a good idea of their writing styles.

I just created a new page, Indie Blogs, with a sampling of some of the cool writers I’ve met on my Indie journey. Read more from them HERE.

Blogs: deanlappi

Today I’m delighted to be interviewed by fellow indie author Dean Lappi at his blog deanlappi. Dean is the author of the dark fantasy Black Numbers available in Kindle format for $2.99.

In the interview, Dean and I discuss my upcoming novel, The Terminal Diner. This morning I finished proofreading the manuscript layout. All that’s left to be done is type in the changes, read it one more time, get the cover art from my artist and upload. This suspenseful mainstream novel is still on schedule for  
June publication.

Blogs: by Sue Owen

Today I’m interviewed at the blog by Sue Owen. You can read the interview here. It includes a sneak preview of my new novel coming this month, The Terminal Diner. 

This interview and yesterday’s at Get Jack’d are part of a weekly effort sponsored by Indie Writers Unite!